Visual Coaching & Mind Mapping

About This Training:

Facilitate creative thinking and dynamic action panning with your clients by combining two powerful approaches: Visual Coaching & mind Mapping. Your clients will see what they are thinking and gain powerful insights and perspectives even with their most complex issues.

  • Strategy Mapping: Strategy mapping provides a revolutionary approach to defining an organization’s strategy that enables effective execution by the entire workforce or team. This workshop is an action learning initiative, that takes advantage of the Balanced Scorecard framework, and enables the leadership to articulate a compelling story of what, why, and how they will accomplish and achieve results.

  • Vision Mapping: A Vision Board helps you see where you want to be, but a Map provides you with insights for the path to your destination. This interactive workshop enables you to develop a customized “roadmap” that transforms your visions, goals, and dreams into your reality. Go from seeing it, to being and experiencing it.

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