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About This Service:

Do you want to live with more harmony in your life? What would it be like if you increased satisfaction in all the areas that matter most to you (career, family, finances, health, spirituality, etc.)? Are you serious about getting through barriers that now hold you back? Are you facing a huge challenge or going through a time of change or transition?

Are you ready to transform and thrive?

  • Live up to your potential!

  • Live on purpose!

  • Be fired up and fulfilled!

We focus on coaching the ‘whole’ person, because your life is not broken into compartments; all of you (your mind, emotions, body, spirit) shows up whether you are at work, home or in your community. It’s time to live more fully and experience the power of your authentic self!

  • Ready to jump start, up-level or reset your career?

    Our career coaching package, helps you move through career and life transitions without giving your power away.

    We help you to stretch your comfort zone and gain perspective in ways that transform the way you think  and work. Our goal is to help you clarify and be prepared to take the next step.  You will develop a career vision and a strategy that doesn’t compromise who you are, to make that vision a reality.

    When you face a transition, it’s not just about getting another job; it’s about aligning your potential with present or emerging opportunities that create a genuine win-win, leading to organization results and professional fulfillment.

    Some of the benefits clients agree on:

    • Built confidence and defined my value proposition
    • Made informed decisions about the evolution of my career
    • Improved clarity on my current contributions and future career goals
    • Developed a roadmap to my desired destination and appropriate action plan
    • Operate more effectively within my organizations environment
    • Made informed decisions about the evolution of my career

    Whether you feel stuck in your current position or want to prepare for upward or sideway mobility in your current or new organizations, Career Coaching will support you with your career planning. This Package includes 3 months of coaching and services:

    • Direct one-on-one coaching
    • Career Planning Workbook & Tools
    • Month 1: Two sessions – Discovery, Clarifying, Customizing, profiling
    • Month 2: Two sessions – Gap assessment, Strategic Planning
    • Month 3: Two sessions – Coaching, Support, Accountability
    • Email and phone, Just-in-time support

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