Mentor Coaching

About This Service:

We guide and support coaches on their path to mastery.

Mentor Coaching is a combination of mentoring and coaching. Our aim is to support coaches in their own personal growth, coaching-skills development, client interactions, and practice development by coaching them and by sharing information and experiences.

Pursuing ICF Credentials:

When you’re ready to distinguish yourseld and become a credential professional coach.
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Portfolio Assistance and Support
  • Observation and Recommendation Letter

New to Coaching:

Transitioning into the coaching profession?
  • Transfer learned skills and tools into practice.
  • Gain a partner to help you bing your whole self to coaching.

Internal Corporate Coach:

Want perspective to deal with the challenges of being an internal coach?
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Credibility
  • Multiple Hats
  • Burnout

Private Practice Coach:

  • Taking your coaching to a deeper level?
  • Want to engage in your own personal and professional development?
  • Need a sounding board to help you maintain focus and harmony in your life and coaching work?
  • Explore what’s next?

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Mentor Coaching