Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers

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The Coaching Skills for Leaders provides an approach to leading and managing that fosters connecting, engaging and empowering of employees and associates. It equips those responsible for the development, performance, and feedback of others with the skillset, mindset, and leading practices to integrate coaching into their leadership style

  • Target Population: Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, HR, OD/LD Consultants, Professionals who serve in roles and have the drive and passion to help others develop and maximize their potential.
  • Learning & Development Outcomes: Three Essential skills that lead to transformational leadership Context for coaching as a leader Use coaching skills to improve Performance Management practices, Change Management, and Interpersonal Communications The Coaching Process.
  • Business Outcomes: Expand leadership style and know when to use each, Reduce management stress level, while increasing effectiveness, Creating a more empowering, productive culture, Improve staff Performance and motivation.
  • Potential Organization Impact: Improve Return on Management, Increase employee engagement & retention, Enhance performance management, Improve productivity, Foster a culture of trust.

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