Coaching Essentials

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  • 3-day Program

  • Target Population: HR, Organization Leaders, Performance Consultants (OD/OE Consultants, L&D Professionals), Coaches, Professionals who serve in roles and have the drive and passion to help others develop and maximize their potential

  • Learning & Development Outcomes: Gain knowledge of the coaching principles and skill sets necessary to help you bring out the best in others. Build foundational coaching and interpersonal competencies. Use a model and skills to plan structure and engage in a coaching session

  • Business Outcomes: Improved ability to influence collaboration and performance, Improve workplace coaching and interpersonal skills, Influence others to achieve meaningful goals in line with their potential.

  • Potential Organization Impact: Increase employee engagement, Foster a more agile workplace, Increase trust and transparency, Foster and emerging Coaching Culture, Support for on-the-job employee development

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