Building A Strong Internal Coaching Practice

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The greatest success factor of coaching in organizations is whether or not it is strategic. Coaching needs to be aligned with the organizations’ strategy and values to create a positive and sustainable impact. To support this initiative, we offer consulting services and several coach training programs.

  • Keys to building and sustaining an effective coaching program inside the organization

  • This program provides the participant a practical and strategic perspective of integrating a coaching program with internal and external coaching practitioners.

    Coaching can be a significant investment and often the return on the investment is difficult to quantify or recognize throughout the organization. When coaching is offered in an ad-hoc manner, it loses it’s potential to transform the organization and deliver exponential ROI.

    A strategic approach to coaching will create synergies because it is connected to the vision, mission, and strategic priorities of the organization and/or it’s business units.

    Participants will explore the four keys to building and sustaining an effective internal coaching program that builds internal capacity while leveraging external resources and optimizing finances.

    Coaches experience learning through theory, experiential learning, mentoring, supervision and practicum.

    Experiential Learning with practical case studies and tools

    1. Why Coaching
    2. How to implement & support
    3. Making the case for coaching and delivering on its promise
    4. The Internal practitioner

    Beyond the training program

    1. Supporting resources
    2. Frameworks to support implementation


    1. Realistic scenarios to increase the success of transfer of learning

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